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Grades 6+ Paperback

Are you a middle school or high school teacher looking for a broad assortment of easily accessible, paperback education reference materials for your classroom? Well look no further! BMI offers a wide-range of resources that will aid your students in producing their best possible assignments. We carry basic resources like dictionaries and thesauruses from some of the most-trusted publishers of reference materials in the industry – American Century, American Heritage, Merriam-Webster, and Random House. We also stock a number of additional supplemental resources that are sure to enhance the learning experiences of the students in your classroom. Dual-language dictionaries – French-, German-, Italian-, Latin-, and Spanish-American – almanacs, atlases, and encyclopedias, are just some of the additional resources that we offer. No matter what type of paperback educational reference materials you seek, BMI is here to help you help your students!

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