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What's in a Novel-Ties Teacher Guide?

Novel-Ties are excellent resources for teaching literature, each containing sections dedicated to overall reading comprehension, vocabulary building, critical thinking, and post-reading activities. Each section is designed to engage students with the book, increase their understanding of the text, and make reading fun.

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Novel-Tie Sections

Read on for a section-by-section breakdown of the contents of each Novel-Tie teacher guide. Note that not all Novel-Ties contain all of the same sections, and that sometimes sections vary from title to title.

1. Book Synopsis - Each Novel-Ties teacher guide includes a 1-2 page book synopsis which provides the basic storyline. The synopsis provides just enough information without giving away a majority of the story and important details..

2. Pre-Reading Questions and Activities - Following the book synopsis are pre-reading activities, which provide a great starting point for beginning each book. Included in these pre-reading activities are also cross curricular activities, which allow teachers to use the book in multiple subject areas. Also included in this section is a cooperative learning activity which allows students to work in groups in order to discuss and prepare for reading.

3. Chapter by Chapter Exercises - After the pre-reading activities, each Novel-Tie provides chapter-by-chapter exercises. Each exercise begins with a vocabulary activity, followed by comprehension questions, questions for discussion, and a writing activity. This chapter-by-chapter practice will help students better understand the book by making them answer chapter-specific questions.

4. Additional areas included for some chapters - Some chapters also include other activities, including art games, crossword puzzles, language studies, and literary devices. These activities provide further insight into the book as well as introduce other important topics for discussion.

5. Cloze Activity - After the chapter-by-chapter break down exercises is a cloze activity. The purpose is to bring an end to the book as well as make students continue to think about everything they read. The cloze activity is either a passage taken from the book or a book synopsis that is missing some words. By having students fill in the blanks with their own words, they can compare their words with the actual ones written or create their own unique book summary.

6. Post-Reading Activities - After the Cloze Activity, Novel-Ties provide a variety of post-reading exercises. This page includes numerous activities that will make students think more about the book as well as question things they might never have before reading the book.

7. List of book suggestions for further reading - Toward the end of each Novel-Tie, a list of suggestions for further reading is provided. This list provides teachers with more books as well as other titles by the same author that might be of interest to students.

8. Complete answer key for all activities. - Finally, at the end there is an answer key for all of the chapter activities. All of the answers provided are for the vocabulary and questions from each chapter. All answers for other activities such as discussion questions and writing activities are numerous and thus not contained in the Novel-Tie.

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